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You Always Have the Power to Choose

There’s always something you can choose. So, choose soothing, however you’re able. Choose to look for things to feel good about. And if nothing else, choose to be as intentional as you can. Always with acceptance for the part of you that forgets. 

Starting now, starting small, remind yourself of your power to choose. Here’s how:

Begin with yourself. 

Offer whatever you have on you right now—your beating heart, your breath, your hands, your eyes reading these words—to your power to choose. With that power, dedicate this moment in time to your health or happiness, to a new story, or anything that resonates with you.

I dedicate this breath to my happiness. 

I dedicate this day to my health. 

With every word I read, may I remember my power to choose.

From there, if you feel inspired, add on to it with another choice: Take a positive step that supports your health and happiness. Make plans to do the same tomorrow.

If no step calls out to you, that’s okay. Smile and thank yourself for this choice all the same.

Next, focus your power to choose on someone you love. 

For just a moment, offer whatever is within reach to them. 

I dedicate this hour to the people I love the most. May the beating of my heart bestow health, happiness, and security upon them.

Again, build on this intention with a choice if it feels right. Pick up the phone, lend a helping hand, or send a quick text.

If no action is needed or accessible now, that’s okay. Smile and imagine them receiving your dedication all the same.

You can extend your power to choose as far out as you like. 

Dedicate every step you take crossing the street to the well-being of all passersby. Then, add on as appropriate with another choice. Smile at them. Make eye contact. Mentally send them positive wishes for their day.

Devote your commute today to bringing harmony to a challenging relationship. If it feels accessible, make another choice. List their positive traits. Name one way you could respond differently. Forgive if you’re able and willing. If nothing else, choose to be alert to how your attention feeds your internal experience of conflict and choose to nurture something new.

With your power to choose, give a voice to your deepest wishes for the planet and all who inhabit it. Go as big as you like.

I dedicate my words today to the message of love. May all who I encounter receive this message and help me spread it through their words. May this message proliferate and reach all beings.

I send my love to the planet. May I aid in the purification of the air, the restoration of our oceans, and the health of all creatures in whatever way is available to me today.

And then, take whatever action presents itself to you. If no action is available, that’s okay. Smile and know that you’ve strengthened your power to choose all the same.

If a choice resonates with you, stay with it. Work with it for as long as it feels right. It could be a day, a week, a month, or more. Expand on it with more choices as is appropriate for you in your current situation.

Pay attention to what happens as you practice this. Perhaps you’ll notice new ideas flowing more easily. Maybe you’ll feel motivated to take a positive step you’ve put off for a while. If all that happens is feeling more awake and empowered, then it’s well worth the effort!

No matter what arises in your day or in your heart, remember there’s always something you can choose. May we all remember the power we have ♕

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